12-28-2017 Tri-City Area Sports


College bowl games bang up TCR ‘backs; Hildebrand wins week

By Kristy Noack

The six football fanatics that make up the Tri-City Record Armchair Quarterback roster suffered a difficult week as none of them correctly predicted all three college bowl games on the docket.  However, Tim Hildebrand claimed the number one spot on the roster for the week after posting a 5-3 record.

Hildebrand, who suffered two back-to-back weeks of 3-5 predictions, gained one game on leader Rodney Lynch and is officially back in the swing of things.

Each week the six football superfans are tasked with predicting the winners of eight games. The college season is in the thick of bowl games and professional football wild card games are being firmed up.

With the Idaho Potato, Birmingham, and Hawaii bowls on tap last week, the action on the football field was plentiful.

Trailing Hildebrand for the week was Lynch. He predicted a 4-4 record for the week and took second place.

Greg Krell, RoxAnn Rodney-Isbrecht, and Bryan Conrad posted 3-5 records, so their place in the standings came down to the tie-breaker game.

One game is specially selected each week as the tie-breaker game. The AQBs must determine how many points will be scored in that contest. Whoever has the closest guess to the actual total wins the higher ranking in the standings.

The mighty Chippewas of Central Michigan faced Wyoming. Although CMU lost, they did score 14 points in the 37-14 loss. Krell predicted 47 points would be scored, closest to the 51 point total. That meant Krell took third place.

Fourth place went to Rodney-Isbrecht with her 45-point guess. Conrad finished fifth with his 70-point prediction.

Chris Leach landed in sixth place for the week with a 2-6 record.

Overall, Lynch still leads the contingent with a 104-40 record; and, he gained one game over Rodney-Isbrecht, who maintains her hold on second place with a 100-44 record.

Hildebrand gained a game and sits in third place with a 96-48 overall record.

Krell is in fourth place overall with a 90-54 record. He gained a little breathing room over Leach, who trails in fifth place and is now tied with Conrad. Both Leach and Conrad hold 87-57overall records.

This week bowl games make up the majority of the games our ‘backs are predicting. Here is what our swami six are reviewing:

Washington State vs. Michigan State

USC vs. Ohio State

Michigan vs. South Carolina

Notre Dame vs. LSU

Georgia vs. Oklahoma

Alabama vs. Clemson

Minnesota vs. Chicago

Green Bay vs. Detroit

The tie-breaker game this week is the Fighting Irish taking on the Tigers. Can Notre Dame top talented LSU?

Did Santa deliver a perfect record to anyone this week? Check back to find out!