Blessed to bless

Some people, when asked how they are doing respond with the usual “fine”, or “OK”. We aren’t usually interested in an in-depth answer anyway, so that’s just fine. But recently I have heard the response “I’m blessed”. I’ve decided to test the waters of this new response and ask for clarification. I will ask such things as “How are you blessed?”, or “Why do you think that you are blessed?”, or “Were you chosen to be blessed, or did it just happen?” I don’t want to discourage the person; I’m just interested in understanding their thinking (and I hope there is some of that going on). Another question I might ask is, “Are you passing it along?” After all, if there is a blessing then there must be a blesser. And if it is God, then He has given us some input as to why He blesses us. It’s not just because we are at some economic or social “level”, high or low.

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