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Common-sense STOVE Act

There is an ever-present battle going on in Washington over the proper size, role, and scope of the federal government. We recently saw this struggle play out regarding gas stoves when Richard Trumka Jr., a commissioner on the Consumer Product Safety Commission, said “any option is on the table” including a potential ban on gas stoves.

If left unchecked, bad ideas from bureaucrats continue to make inroads until someone stops them. After learning about this potential ban, I immediately took action to stop this bureaucratic overreach by introducing the Stop Trying to Obsessively Vilify Energy Act or STOVE Act. The last thing Americans need or want is another big government bureaucrat telling us which appliance we can have in our home. I believe we should have the ability to choose the most affordable and most available way to cook food in our own homes.

The STOVE Act is a common-sense measure that will preemptively stop bureaucrats from banning gas stoves, ovens, or ranges. Thankfully, the bureaucrats have put this issue on the back burner but I will continue to push this legislation so they cannot reverse course. Sadly, home appliances aren’t the only area where federal bureaucrats are causing concerns.

Over the last two years under the Biden Administration, financial regulators have created a complicated, over-burdensome, and often arbitrary regulatory structure that has stifled economic growth and hindered small business job creation. That stops now. I am excited to share with you that I have been selected as the new Chairman of the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee for the House Financial Services Committee. This position will help me play a leading role in restoring accountability to the Biden Administration with a focus on agencies such as the SEC, the CFPB, and the Federal Reserve to name a few.

While I hope these updates are informative, my top priority is serving Southwest Michigan. If you need assistance with a federal agency, my staff and I are here to help. Please visit Huizenga.House.Gov or call my office in Holland at (616) 251-6741 or Washington at (202) 225-4401 so we can assist you.


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