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Dearly Departed

EDITOR’S NOTE: Now that all of the celebration of the New Year is over please take a few minutes to recall all of our relatives, friends and neighbors who died in 2020.

The following are the names of those whose obituaries and death notices appeared in the Tri-City Record issues of 2020.

May 7 Issue

Bonna Jean Vanderlyn of Hartford; Leonard James Wurn of Watervliet; Betty Jean Davis of Coloma; Kevin L. Streu of Cadillac; Woodrow “Woody” Counts of Stevensville; Patricia I. Reynolds of Coloma; Charles Arthur Bennett of Geneva Twp.; Maria Christina Acevedo Vasquez of Hartford Twp.; Mary S. Gardner of Watervliet; Lisa Marie Foster of Keeler Twp.

May 14 Issue

Roy M. Davis of Hartford; Marilyn Lewis of Watervliet; Wanda Zelko of Watervliet; Norma Jean Stakley of Ben-ton Harbor; Zan J. Ballard of Benton Harbor; George M. Neff of Coloma; Elisa M. Gutierrez of Bangor Twp.; Marcella Ann Puckett of Watervliet; Robert Pobuda of Paw Paw; Marlene K. Schalon of St. Joseph; Emily Williams of St. Joseph; Trevor D. “Harley” Peterman of Benton Harbor; Marcus D. “Gio” Purnell Jr. of Benton Harbor

May 21 Issue

Everett “JR” Guthrie of Watervliet; Clarence Schroeder Jr. of Coloma; Ger-trude Louise Rowe of Lawrence; Cora Vivien Hanks Rizzo formerly of Watervliet; Daniel Owen Case of Watervliet; Gerald “Jerry” T. Catania of Fairplain; Sandra E. Goff-Cornell former area resident; Geraldine Mabel Glass of Benton Harbor; Destal Layne Pepple Sr. of St. Joseph; William Bartholemew Novak of Benton Harbor

May 28 Issue

Daniel Owen Case of Watervliet; Flore F. “Frank” Postelli of Coloma; Karol C. “Rudy” Toth of Bridgman; Barbara Adams of Eau Claire; Christopher Monroe Dasse of Lincoln Twp.

June 4 Issue

Karen Hook of Watervliet; Norma Mae Harris formerly of Coloma; Jane Marie Hiler of Coloma; David Nelson Heuermann of Coloma; Joyce Elaine (Larsen) Kolenko formerly of Coloma; William N. Beverly III of Kalamazoo, formerly of Watervliet; Luis M. Zapata of Law-rence; Julie M. Burfield of Hartford; Rev. Eldridge L. White Sr. of Hartford; Joyce A. Rudowski of Charlotte MI; Michael A. Apple of St. Joseph

June 11 Issue

William Brennan of Coloma; William Jackson of Benton Harbor; Jeffrey A. Barker of Niles; Helen Handy of Sodus; Eugene Lewis Evans of Watervliet; Nancy (Zink) Armstrong of Benton Harbor; Helene M. Hoffman of Sister Lakes

June 18 Issue

Mary Lou Becht of Coloma; Brenda Wilson of Hartford; Shirlene L. Carmichael of Watervliet; Mary J. (Thompson) Yow Huebner of Angier NC

June 25 Issue

Norma Cooper of Coloma; Carole Rita Bowman of Benton Harbor; Samuel C. Halliburton of Baroda

July 2 Issue

Daniel Fay Louder of Watervliet; Beverly Jane Davis of Hartford; William Alphonso Furlan of Watervliet; Eugene Arthur O’Riley of Hartford; Phillip G. Muenchow of Coloma; Marsan V. (Beehler) Schaer of Eau Claire; Joseph J. Cavazos of Coloma; Kevin L. Cox of Coloma; Donald E. Johnson of St. Joseph, formerly of Coloma; Kevin J. Eberhardt of Benton Harbor; Mary C. Graham of Decatur; Eugene L. Robinson of Benton Harbor; Cheryl (Olszewski) Epstein of Redondo Beach CA, formerly of Stevensville

July 9 Issue

William Donald Nichols Jr. of Coloma; Dustin M. Roberts of Hartford; Melissa Young Lindsay of FL, formerly of Watervliet; Ronald V. Vance of Lawrence; Julie Anna (Bell) Hanlon of Watervliet; Columbus “Jack” Tate of Coloma; Christine Marie Timmons of Sister Lakes and Benton Harbor; Louise Ann McCoy of Dowagiac

July 16 Issue

John Joseph “Jack” VanDrasek of Watervliet; Nancy Lou Truhn of Cookville TN, formerly of Coloma; Catherine Ann Stankus of Berrien Springs, formerly of Coloma; May Rutherford of Covert Twp.; Joyce Griffin of Watervliet; Helen J. “Jeanne” Koebel of Berrien Springs; Imogene “Gene” Chester of Stevensville; John Archie of Benton Harbor; Kelley L. Weatherly of Baldwin MI, formerly of Benton Harbor; William Foster Sr. of Keeler; Barbara J. Robinson of Naples FL, formerly of St. Joseph & Coloma

July 23 Issue

Carol Jane (Oppenneer) Peterson for-merly of Watervliet; Joyce (Krieger) Griffin of Watervliet; Barbara Joan Robinson of Naples Fl; Julie Bell Hanlon of Watervliet; Patricia “Patty” Flener of Benton Harbor; Bud C. Pillow of Benton Harbor; David Charles Dillon of Coloma; Francis “Mike” Michael Muller of Coloma

July 30 Issue

Eleanor E. Frazier of Watervliet; Olive L. Johnson of Watervliet; Lewis Mohler of Venice FL; Diana Lee McMaster; Timothy Kupchzynski Sturgis of Lawrence; Ronald L. Ravitch of Coloma; Dan Pastrick of St. Joseph; Gayle A. (Cole) Norton formerly of Watervliet; Mathew Eric Efting of Hartford; Scott L. Findlay of Benton Harbor; Jerry D. Tanner of Hartford; Marion Caroline Crossman of Benton Harbor

August 6 Issue

Warren Krause of Bainbridge Twp.; Thomas VanNiel of Watervliet; Ella Mae Lidberg of Watervliet; Rapha Jean Campbell of Russell AR, formerly of Watervliet; Robert Earl Gilbertsen of Watervliet; Katherine Anne Elizabeth Hass Postman of Berrien Springs; Joy Lynn (Boyd) Healy of Watervliet; Chandra D. Gould of Watervliet; Bobby D. Robinson of Coloma; April Ann Kra-jecki of Watervliet; Harold D. Bauschke formerly of St. Joseph

August 13 Issue

James Heaton Keech of Keeler Twp.; Carol Sue King of Watervliet; Mary (Minor) DeMann formerly of Watervliet; Betty Jean Edinborough of Coloma; Richard Elmer Callendar of Watervliet; Emily Griffin formerly of Watervliet/Coloma; Marianne Hollman Shobe of Covert; Cheryl Fullriede of Coloma; Paul Sheldon Richards of Bridgman; Raymond Lee Yates of Niles; Eleanor M. Bluschke of St. Joseph

August 20 Issue

Timothy Holt of Watervliet; Christopher Dale Crouse of Riverside; Sandra “Bare” Stover Barefield; Pamela G. Kiser of Watervliet; Karla Renee Gustafson of St. Joseph

August 27 Issue

Rev. H. Devon Allen of St. Joseph Twp.; Sharon Goodson; Christopher Keech of St. Joseph; Don Edward Mills of Hartford; Robert Frank Taylor of Hartford; Joan Smith of Watervliet; Mary C. Valdes of Coloma; Jesus Delarosa III of Hartford; Norma Alene Daniel of Coloma


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