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Great Lakes Drone announces Farmbotics Air

Great Lakes Drone Company is proud to announce their new division, Farmbotics Air. This division was formally awarded, by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Jan. 30, 2023, an Agricultural Aircraft Operations Certification. This certification was a key step for Great Lakes Drone Company’s agricultural division to launch its crop spraying services for spring of 2023. Farmbotics Air is the first exclusively unmanned approval in Michigan for providing unmanned aerial agricultural spraying operations.

Crop-spraying via unmanned aircraft (drones) has emerged as a blossoming trend in precision agriculture over the last five years. Unmanned missions are more cost-effective, covering up to 15 acres per hour per drone. In addition, drones can also spray more accurately over specific acreage to provide precision application, reducing the amount of potential run-off. Farmbotics Air will be able to provide liquid and granule aerial dispersal from nutrients, beneficials to pesticides.

The company sees a future where they can safely treat high school football fields for mosquitoes, adequately manage weed populations on the lake, and provide a smart farming-based approach to increase yields and decrease chemical usage across all aspects of the spectrum.

“The technology today allows us to monitor crops in real time, spray what needs to be sprayed precisely and decrease the overall long term environmental effects by providing a smart farming solution” says Jason Roe, Director of Agricultural Operations for Farmbotics Air, a Great Lakes Drone Company.

Learn more about Farmbotics Air at and follow their social media footprint @farmboticsair. They are now scheduling for a spring launch of applications; contact them to learn more at a free consultation about what they can do. Farmbotics Air is Simple - Effective - Precise, defining smart farming one field at a time.



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