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SENSELESS SHOOTING… has once again targeted our youth. What had happened at Michigan State University two weeks ago has left me asking myself what is wrong with us, why can’t we figure this out? It is time for our law makers to get stricter on gun laws in the State of Michigan and all over the United States. We continue to be the only country that human beings are killing their neighbors in these senseless acts. My heart goes out to the students and faculty that suffered such a great loss in the death of three students, while five others received life threatening injuries.

The following is from a press release received here at the Tri-City Record alerting the public of the potential scammers trying to take advantage of this horrific situation.

Consumer alert: Following the establishment of merchandise supporting Michigan State University’s Spartan Strong Fund, MSU Licensing has seen an uptick in the number of scams involving unlicensed Spartan Strong products.

Unscrupulous businesses and individuals have engaged in selling unlicensed apparel and other merchandise. The university cannot verify that proceeds from the sales of these unlicensed products will be donated to the Spartan Strong Fund.

The Spartan Strong Fund was created to provide support for the evolving needs of the individuals most critically impacted. Consumers who believe they have seen products or services that do not appear to be licensed by MSU can contact University Licensing Programs at or 517-355-3434.


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Karl's Kolumn

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