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THE SLAUGHTER CONTINUES… 10 people killed and 20 injured when a madman mowed them down.

Oops, I meant to do a column on the carnage in the Ukraine. Here I am writing one about the carnage in the good old USA.

Everyone else is talking about the death and destruction in the Ukraine. What is going on? Any mediocre writer/columnist could write about either.

So here goes.

Does anyone care about the carnage this past week? Just a bunch of people having a good time just after returning from church, and on their way to the hospital to visit friends were randomly gunned down. Government leaders once again failed to negotiate with their enemies.

It appears there is little interest in the loss of lives of school children, senior citizens, and average Americans as long as the elite, rich and famous are left alone.

There are growing news reports of the stink of the battlefield as the battles seem endless… such as they did in the Vietnam War years. Then as now, the puppet masters are pulling the strings to keep the battlefield, hot and profitable. There is a decided coolness to the imbroglio that has killed soldiers and innocents in the one hundred thousands on one side of the battlefield and the millions on the other side. It could be said there is a new Malthusian credo that encourages horrors on the weak, poor, sick, and unlucky as did that trio of madmen just nine decades ago.

I could be wrong, but it certainly scares me.


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