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Karl's Kolumn

MYSTERIOUS OBJECTS… Do you find it amazing that we (USA) destroyed four flying objects the past week; one over Lake Huron, one over Canada, and remaining two over the states?

The outbreak had plenty of folks worried and others ducking for cover. After all such a thing had never before happened, at least not on purpose.

The best explanation I’ve heard was the skies are really crowded and up to now nobody has been looking for balloons.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE… The Star-Spangled Banner (national anthem) or America the Beautiful? It seems the debate runs annually. I did like how the NFL dodged the hot potato by playing both at the Super Bowl this past Sunday.

I admit, I like both. My eyes water copiously, depending on the event. What I don’t like is, the so-called artist changing how the national anthem is played and sang. No matter who is performing there has to be a hands-off approach or certain songs are owned by the United States.

CUTEST COUPLE CONTEST… Many thanks to all those that participated in our Valentine’s sweetheart contest just this past week… participants, sponsors, and winners all.

IS IT FEBRUARY OR APRIL? Mother Nature is dangling the onset of spring for the past week or so. Warm weather, clearer nights and melted snow must mean something.

Just don’t go crazy.

I am one of those who start getting the spring equipment out before the crocus and daffodils bloom.


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