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Reckless spending and raising taxes

Last week, Senate Democrats passed legislation prescribing the 2025 fiscal year state budget. Budgets are statements of priorities, and this budget makes clear that Democrats have two priorities — spending all of your money and taking more of it. After squandering the state’s $9 billion budget surplus on pet projects and corporate handouts last year, Democrats have produced a new wish list that banks on a $700 million income tax hike, a $670 million raid on the teacher pension fund and a 1,200% tax increase on trash. More spending and more taxes are not ingredients for economic prosperity.

Time and time again, Senate Democrats have demonstrated their lack of concern for Michigan families still struggling to afford everyday necessities in the aftermath of historic inflation and record energy costs. They continue giving away millions of tax dollars to their favorite global companies and blocked every amendment offered by Senate Republicans to turn off this corporate welfare pipeline and return that money to taxpayers, repair crumbling bridges, and help keep fentanyl out of our communities.

Despite repeated claims that tax dollars aren’t being spent on illegal immigrants, Senate Democrats refused to back their words with their votes, striking down our amendments to guarantee no one here illegally receives rent or legal assistance from the state. They even refused to provide funding to send Michigan National Guard units to join troops from other states in defending our nation’s southern border against the drugs and criminals pouring over it because of President Biden’s disastrous open border policies.

I am a firm believer that people spend their own money far more effectively than the government and will not support a budget that reaches deeper into their pockets. This money can be better spent putting food on our tables and clothing our kids than it can be growing the size of state government. The people of Michigan deserve a state budget focused on investments into infrastructure, improving education, and protecting our communities and quality of life. This money belongs to the taxpayers, not the Legislature or the governor.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the legislature or state government, please do not hesitate to contact my office by calling (517) 373-0793, by email at, or by going to


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