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Tressa Beltran retires following narcotics investigation

The chief of the Hartford Police Department, Tressa Beltran, who has been on leave since an investigation was underway about missing drugs from the drug disposal box, has retired.

Acting off multiple tips regarding illegal narcotics activity at the Hartford Police Department, detectives issued a search warrant last summer. Court records showed that the pills and electronics were seized around 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 30, the day she was put on leave pending the investigation results.

Investigators know that Beltran was the only person at the Hartford Police Department with a key to the Red Med Box and that it was her job to move the drugs from the box to the evidence room when it was full. The Van Buren Sheriff’s Office would then pick up and destroy the drugs.

The day of the seizure, the court documents say, Beltran admitted to stealing drugs from the Red Med Box and using the missing pills, herself. However, the city of Hartford did not mention the drug case in confirming receipt of Beltran’s notice of retirement.

“As of today I have officially retired,” in-active chief, Tressa Beltran wrote in a Monday Facebook post. She continued, “I have worked for the city for 33-plus years and feel that it is in my best interest to move on. My age and current circumstances have made this decision easier than I thought it would be. I will continue to support the citizens as I have for so many years, as I work to better myself and the medical/dependency issues. Thank you all for always being a supporter and I wish you all the best.”

In early July 2022, when it was determined that Chief Beltran would be out on extended administrative leave, the Hartford City Council appointed Lieutenant Mike Prince to serve as the interim police chief. His primary responsibilities have included providing leadership, administrative duties, and recruiting patrol officers, in addition to overseeing the day-to-day business. With the official resignation of Beltran, the council will now focus on the recruitment of a new Police Chief.



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