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Watervliet City Manager, Danielle Tiedeman resigns after one year on the job!

Danielle Tiedeman, city manager for Watervliet, turned in her resignation letter at the June 13, 2024 City Commission meeting, citing, “I was hired to manage this community. I have the education and experience to do so. But instead, I have been micromanaged by those with their own agenda, with key individuals blocking many of the attempts I’ve made to lead – particularly those attempts I made to block the city from making inappropriate (and in some cases illegal) decisions. It’s no secret that I have challenged some of the concerning conduct I’ve seen at the city from attempts to block union activity to incurring debt the city cannot sustain. Yet I find myself a target, as my commitment to legal and ethical behavior have resulted in retaliation against me. And yet I’ve been advised more than once that certain members of the commission are seeking to terminate me and will not stop until they find the reason to do so (justified or not)”.

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