04-13-2017 Hagar appoints interim township clerk; National Healthcare Decisions Week focuses on adv

Hagar appoints interim township clerk; Supervisor presents schedule for roadwork

By Jon Bisnett

Sarah Cook was officially appointed to fill the Hagar Township Clerk position at Monday’s regular board meeting. Cook will assume the post on May 5 when Clerk Ian Haight’s resignation takes effect. Haight is moving and as a result will no longer satisfy the residency requirement.

Cook and her husband Ryan reside at 2787 Coloma Road. She is currently employed by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers in St. Joseph where she oversees their awards program.

Cook’s appointment stands until the coming fall election.


 County Commissioner Dave Vollrath spoke briefly reporting on a recent trip to Lansing for a conference of county commissioners. Vollrath said one-third of all Michigan County Commissioners were new this term and he appreciated the training and opportunity to interact with his fellow commissioners from around the state. Dave also reminded residents that the Berrien County Commission is expanding its schedule of evening meetings from just four to six for 2017 with one scheduled for June 1 at the North Berrien Senior Center in Coloma at 6:00 p.m.

Sheriff’s Department

 Just 30 complaints were lodged in the township during the prior month including seven citations and three arrests.

Supervisor’s Report

 Supervisor Izzy DiMaggio began by addressing the annual budget meeting held recently, pronouncing the township on solid financial ground emphasizing zero debt and no intention of any millage increase. The 2.75 mills shall remain as it is.

The township has budget for several infrastructure projects of small to moderate expense around the hall and parking lot in addition to a firm schedule of roadwork projects as follows: Coloma Road – Kerlikowske to Riverside; First Street – Riverside to end; Main Street – Riverside to First; West Thar Road – Pier to Fikes; Lakeshore Drive – Maple to private road; East Bundy Road – Central Avenue to end; North Chabot – Broderick to Riverside; Anderson – M-63 to Clanton; Clanton – Anderson to M-63; Riverside Road – Clymer to Bundy; Pier Road – M-63 loop to M-63; Greenwood – M-63 to end; Clymer – Hagar Shore to M-48; and chloride applications – two each to all unpaved roads.

The total project scope has been expanded to just over 7.25 miles at cost to the township of $115,000 with matching funding from the county in the amount of $150,600. From fiscal 2012 to date the township and county have invested well in excess of one half million dollars in the repair and maintenance of 35 miles of the 70 miles of Hagar Township roads.

Clerk’s Report

 Clerk Ian Haight updated the board on Pride Care Ambulance calls with five Priority I averaging 9:40 and nine Priority II with a 12:11 average response time.

Haight presented a resolution, subsequently approved, to provide for part-time employees of the township to participate in the 401A Pension Plan.

Haight formally tended his resignation effective May 5. Supervisor Izzy DiMaggio accepted the resignation with deep regret and called for the board’s approval which was granted unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

 Bills for the month of March in the amount of $51,456.98 were presented by Treasurer Marlene Davis, noting a single payment of just short of $17,000 for