05-24-2018 What is that building? A store? Bakery? Furniture shop? Influx of Amish families results

What is that building? A store? Bakery? Furniture shop? Influx of Amish families results in spurt of building in Hartford area

By Angela Stair The Amish people moving into the area are having a large impact on the community. The positive impact of these hard-working people has touched us all in some way. The new homes, barns and cleaned farm lands are but a few changes noted. The large building on Red Arrow Highway just east of Hartford is the latest change that has everyone talking and speculating.

IANT METAL SHOP… This huge building on Red Arrow Highway just east of Hartford where the engines sit (see photo below) will house an Amish metal shop when finished. (TCR photos by Angie Stair)

What is that building? It will be a metal shop where the Amish will make the red siding (among other things) that they use on the barns they build. Like everyone else, the weather has hampered their work and though they planned to have it completed and in operation by May, they are now looking at June or possibly July. When it is completed they plan to have a grand opening so everyone can come in and see it. The shop will not be run by traditional electrical power but will be powered by a large fuel burning engine that will make the machinery inside function.

CANDY SHOP… This sign marks the small Amish candy shop on 48th Avenue just east of CR 681 where a large selection of homemade candies is available for purchase. Also for sale at Miller’s Homemade Candy & more, are homemade noodles and fresh brown eggs.

At the back of the shop there are two train engines sitting on the track that runs from Hartford to Paw Paw. The Metal Shop owner said the gentlemen that own the trains have been talking about opening up part of the track to move raw materials and finished goods to a main line (probably Hartford). This will be for the future, but the possibility is there. A bakery? Furniture shop? Not in this building, but you will find them at various places throughout Hartford, Bangor and Lawrence townships. At this time there is a bulk food store & bakery open and operating on Butcher Road. Though small in size right now, (an extra-large room of a home), Lone Pine Bulk Foods & Bakery will break ground soon for a full-size store to be built directly behind the home. The bulk food store has your basics: flours, sugar, oats, nuts, etc. and at this time is open Monday through Saturday. The bakery is open Thursday through Saturday and carries the Amish homemade fried pies, regular pies, bread, cookies, etc. They are open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It is well worth a visit.

METAL SHOP AND TRAINS… Two train engines sit on tracks at the back of the metal shop property; and may someday be put to use again

A furniture store? Not just yet. The furniture builder, cabinet maker, etc., owner of Country Custom Cabinets, lives on Butcher Road and will eventually do his work and sell items in a large building behind his home that is in the process of being remodeled. The Amish that wish to start a business in the area must meet several requirements before they can be licensed and one of those requirements is to live in the area for at least a year before applying for a license. This is what the furniture maker is waiting for so he can open his business.

COUNTRY CUSTOM CABINETS… An Amish furniture builder has his sign up at 57440 Butcher Road in Lawrence Township but is waiting for his license to open his business.

And let’s not forget the small businesses that enterprising housewives have going to supplement their income, like the candy lady on 48th Avenue at Miller’s Homemade Candy & more. She makes and sells an amazing assortment of candies; Buckeyes, peanut brittle, Turtles, etc. She also makes homemade noodles to sell and has fresh brown eggs for sale. PLEASE NOTE: Because of their beliefs, contributors to this article did not want to be identified or photographed. The Tri-City Record agreed to their anonymity.

Amish “Meet and Greet” to be held at Hartford United Methodist Church, this Saturday, May 26

By Angela Stair The City and Township of Hartford is sponsoring a Meet and Greet with the Amish Community that is developing in this area. “This will give the local people a chance to interact, ask questions and get answers,” said ‘Farmer Bob’ Kilburn; who is working between the groups to set the Meet and Greet up. The Meet and Greet will be held on Saturday, May 26, from noon to 3:00 p.m. at the Hartford United Methodist Church, 425 E. Main Street in Hartford, across from the Fire Department. It will be located inside the church in the social hall. The Amish will be bringing displays that will highlight the business they have in the area and best of all the famous Amish bakery products they are known for. There will be donuts, baked goods, and other items for sale. Farmer Bob will say a few words at the beginning of the meeting to introduce Bishop Joni Petershine, representative for the Amish people, Hartford City Manager Yemi Akinwale, Township Supervisor Ron Sefcik, Fire Chief Rob Harting, and Hartford Police Chief Tressa Beltran who will be in attendance to show support for these new residents and to answer any questions.


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