12-08-2016 Hartford City Council continues to discuss WWTP fixes; Archlight Brewery wins gold medal

2017 MISS HARTFORD PAGEANT… is set for Sunday, December 11 at 3:00 p.m. at the Hartford High School Auditorium. Contestants are (from the left): Ashley Kling, Mariel Hallgren, Isabella Fisher, Kaylynn Owens, Makayla Robinson, and Jessica Rosales. Tickets will be available at the door for $20. The pageant theme is Bugs Life and will be feature emcees Gabriella Garza and Glen Head. Taylor Prestidge is the chairperson. (Photo by Rob Cutlip of TLC Images)

2017 MR. HARTFORD CONTEST… will be held in conjunction with the Miss Hartford Pageant on Sunday, December 11 at 3:00 p.m. at the Hartford High School Auditorium. Contestants are (from the left) Front row: Garrett Brandt and Hunter Ackerman; Back row: Jake Griffith, Ricky Austin, and Thomas Covington. (Photo by Rob Cutlip of TLC Images)

Arclight wins gold medal for cherry sour creation

By Annette Christie

Watervliet’s own Arclight Brewery has won an award for one of its beers at the 13th Annual Festival of Barrel Aged Beers.  It is the world’s largest barrel-aged beer competition.  Arclight was presented the gold medal for their Soursmith Kriek, a cherry sour.

This year the event featured 422 beers from 179 different breweries.  Arclight was one of 48 others in the Wild Beer Sour with Fruit category.  Theirs is fermented with cherries in oak wine barrels for at least 12 months.  Arclight has been producing its popular fruited sours since it opened 28 months ago.  The brewery and tap room has a sour nursery in its cellar consisting of over 30 wine barrels.

AWARD WINNING… Arclight Brewing Company owners Ed Nash and David Coyle (not pictured) have reason to celebrate for receiving a Gold Medal at the 2016 Festival of Barrel Aged Beers for their Soursmith Kriek (cherry sour) shown here. They were selected as the best against 48 other entries in the Wild Beer Sour with Fruit category. (TCR photo by Annette Chris-tie)

Co-owner Ed Nash said this is the first time that Arclight has entered this competition which is judged blindly.  The judges are not aware of either the brewer or the name of the beer while tasting it.  Besides the cherry, Arclight also entered their peach sour.  Nash noted that Transient Artisan Ales, out of Bridgman, took third in the category, placing Southwest Michigan brewers in two of the top three spots in the category.

Nash and co-owner David Coyle opened Arclight Brewing Company at 544 N. Main St., Watervliet in 2014.  Nash, who had starting making beer in 2010, met Coyle on a chance meeting while beer tasting.  Coyle, who had visited South Haven often with his family, thought Watervliet would be a good place to call home for their brewery. Nash is originally from Watervliet.

Arclight Brewing Company hosts several events, such as the recent macaroni and cheese bake off.  In April, they will bring back the Velvet Elvis beer and with that, an Elvis impersonator. On December 4, Arclight hosted the Hometown Christmas event for the 2nd time in a year, including a chili cook off which is sponsored by them

Hartford City Council  continues

to discuss WWTP fixes

By Nancy Albright

At the November 21 City Council Workshop, discussions continued regarding the issues surrounding the operation of Hartford’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.

At the October meeting of the city commission, representatives from Wightman & Associates explained that iron in the water is interfering with an ultraviolet lighting system that disinfects water before it leaves the WWTP. At that time, City Manager Yemi Akinwale requested a baseline of current ferric levels for use by Wightman to tweak the chemical feed into the tank until the proper balance is reached so iron is no longer interfering with the UV disinfection system.

Hartford WWTP Operator Tom Strand explained that based on current ferric levels, the tanks are flushed as indicated by the chemical data, but the iron has not decreased to the desired level. After further discussion between city commissioners, Strand, and Wightman & Associates representative Chris Cowgill, it was determined that the system could be too large to regulate the lesser flow generated by a smaller community and, if so, the equipment requires adjustment.

Commissioner Dennis Goss suggested that Wightman & Associates locate another city of comparable size that uses the same type of equipment to consult with Wightman and Mr. Strand to mitigate the problem so the plant is working to properly disinfect the city’s water flow.

Ely Park will resound with music this summer

Hartford’s Ely Park will be filled with sound this summer according to Pete Sinclair of the Hartford Lions Club who announced that plans are in the works for the 2017 season of Concerts in the Park.

The Lions are planning a diverse selection of musical entertainment from jazz and big band-style swing, to rock and country. And do not be surprised if you see Elvis take the stage or hear a polka band in the distance. The Southwest Michigan College Brass Band will open the series and Mr. Sinclair is working to book Jared Knox for the Hartford Community Picnic on July 6. Fundraising efforts have already begun and the group will continue to raise money and book musical acts after the first of the year.

Mr. Sinclair told the council that, “Our goal is to be the best concert series in Hartford, and in three years be the best concert series in Southwest Michigan.”

Fire Department increases emergency medical measures

Chief Harting thanked the people of Hartford for passing the four-year fire millage renewal, which will allow the fire department to purchase a new heavy rescue truck in eight years to replace the 25 year-old truck the department now uses. Chief Harting also told the commission that medics will add epi-pens and glucometers to their supply kits in mid-December as mandated by the State of Michigan, and that the department is now operating with seven newly trained medics.

City of Hartford passes audit with flying colors

Mr. Bob Gerbel of Gerbel & Company presented the city council with results of the 2016-2017 audit report stating that the report is “very positive”, and complemented City Hall staff for their hard work and success. Mr. Gerbel told the commission that the City of Hartford is in excellent financial condition and that, “The city can operate for another 11 months without collecting any additional revenue.”

Mark your calendars

The council would like to remind residents that the Lions Club Christmas in Hartford event will take place on December 10 and that the parade begins at 6:00 p.m.

City Hall will be closed from December 23 – 26 for Christmas.


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