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ULTIMATE SACRIFICE… God bless all the heroes of the United States Armed Forces that gave up their lives in the performance of their duties. Remember them on this Memorial Day, Monday, May 27.

It’s also the unofficial start of summer, filled with the promise of sunny skies, warm weather, and a three-day weekend stretching before us.

Often we gather with family and friends on Memorial Day for a backyard BBQ along with red, white and blue desserts, patriotic playlist and maybe some fireworks. Or, we might set out on a weekend road trip or plan a few nights under the stars and a favorite campsite.

But it’s important to remember that Memorial Day is about more than burgers and better weather.

First and foremost it is the remembrance of those who died in defense of our freedom. In their honor you could fly the American flag, read your Bible or a book, or watch a patriotic movie to help you reflect on their sacrifices.

TCR SPECIAL EDITION… Our annual “Welcome to Summer” Tri-City Area special edition was mailed to more than 13,000 postal patrons this week. It is full of special news and photos, columns, advertising, and high school sports.

Our TCR team hopes you are enjoying our special edition. Call or email us for a weekly subscription or buy one online, or purchase the Tri-City Record from one of the many Tri-City Area news stands.


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