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Karl's Kolumn

SHOP LOCAL THIS WEEKEND… Where were you when the dollar store raised their prices to $1.25?   The dollar prices for inventory may be a thing of the past, just like the five & dimes were run out of town by the big box stores.

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Karl's Kolumn

HEY DADS! To all the Tri-City Record Top Pops, nominated for the title, congratulations! I hope all the dads were remembered this Father’s Day, with loved ones. I was remembered this Father’s Day, wit

Karl's Kolumn

SUMMER FESTIVALS BEGIN… Anne and I visited the Hartford Strawberry Festival with Amy and Billy Loshbough on Saturday evening. It was nice to see all the young families enjoying the fun in Ely Park. A

Karl's Kolumn

IN SOLEMN REMEMBRANCE… My deepest apologies to the families who mourn those veterans who gave their lives in service of our country. Apologies, because the Tri-City Record failed to report the observa


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