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Remembering our dearly departed of 2022

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please take a few minutes to recall all of our relatives, friends and neighbors who died last year. The following are the names of those whose obituaries and death notices appeared in the Tri-City Record issues of 2022.

January 6 Issue

Michael G. Wilson of Coloma; Thomas Saunders Jr. of Coloma; Lawrence “Bob” Whitaker of Coloma; Shirley J. Bailey of Hartford; Gatha G. Bennett of Hartford; Stanislaw Bieda of St. Joseph; Orvin L. Carpenter of Watervliet; Kim Guild of Coloma; Brone Rumsa of St. Joseph; Verba W. Coleman of Coloma; Joan A. Rybarczyk of St. Joseph; Sharon L. Vann of Hartford; Doris M. Petznick of Coloma; Kurt “Butch” Lindhorst of Benton Harbor

January 13 Issue

Elsie Adele Rantz of Watervliet; Eulene “Sue” Soulard formerly of Hartford; Paul Pradon of Hartford; Rev. Richard Sing of St. Joseph; Bruce V. Bachman of Coloma; Kelly A. Becker of Coloma; Jamie S. Ferney of Coloma; Virgil L. Umphrey of Spring Lake, MI; Daniel R. Jacobs of Kalamazoo

January 20 Issue

M. Susan Dahlquist of Coloma; Wesley D. Schreiber II of Coloma; Mary E. Tat­ter of Watervliet; Harold “Bud” Lottridge of Watervliet; James L. Shymkus of Watervliet; Icie Mae Rich­ardson of Paw Paw, formerly of Hart­ford; Carol E. Parks of Coloma; LaVerne Boswell of Three Oaks; Johnny Bullock of Coloma; Maria Del S. Garcia of Hartford; Timothy A. Borr of Coloma

January 27 Issue

Ramona S. Beit of Dowagiac; Daniel R. Pumfery of New Buffalo; James D. & Donna J. Yore of Coloma; Richard C. Showerman of Hartford; Billie I. McKie of Lincoln Twp.; Georgetta R. Tober of Kalamazoo; Richard E. Parks of Co­loma; Barbara K. Probst formerly of Coloma; William D. Leedy formerly of Coloma; David Nicholas of Lawrence; Kenneth A. Archer of Coloma; Susan L. Gordon of Augusta, MI; John L. Knott of Coloma; Grover W. Boyd of Hart­ford; Latricia C. Malin of St. Joseph; Michael Pratl; Jackie K. Richardson of Coloma

February 3 Issue

James E. Rennie of Coldwater; Nancy Wheeler of Bainbridge Twp.; Laurence Nordhoff of Watervliet; Olive L. Grady of Watervliet; Bruce A. Dowd of Hart­ford; Dale T. Potter of Coloma; Mary M. Rice of Paw Paw; Emma Gerlach; Ber­nice Rudell of Bainbridge Twp.; Ken­neth A. Archer of Coloma; Ray Sreboth of Scottsville, KY

February 10 Issue

David P. Harte of Hartford; Donald Marks of Berrien Center; Curtis Wayne Welty of Hartford; Dale “Haynes” Woolcott formerly of Hartford; Clifford L. “Rusty” Clapsaddle of Coloma; Dale T. Potter of Coloma

February 17 Issue

Lorraine Pater of Watervliet; Peggy Muday of Watervliet; Timothy Mummaw of Stevensville

February 24 Issue

Barbara R. Geisler of Bangor; Shirley M. Somers of Hartford; Ronald L. Hirsch Sr. of Coloma; John “Mike” Baker of Bethel Heights, AR; Bonnie S. (Geisler) Mohler of Venice, FL; Hurley W. Skidmore of Bainbridge Twp.; Rita K. Persicke of Coloma; Thomas C. Smith of Benton Harbor; Gregory A. Stockman of Mishawaka, IN

March 3 Issue

Donald L. Wise Jr. formerly of Coloma; David C. Wessendorf of Dowagiac; Robert E. Gendron of Hartford; Mark A. Ronderos of Coloma; Ronald L. Hirsch Sr. of Coloma

March 10 Issue

Orville P. Teter Jr. of Watervliet; Theo­dore Radde formerly of St. Joseph; Lin­da D. Irons of Baroda; Linda J. Steinhaus of Watervliet; Betty Thomas of Watervliet; Karen F. Little of Watervliet; Conrad A. Reichert of St. Joseph; Robert L. Palmer of Watervliet; Alice J. Polishuk of St. Joseph; Danny H. Woodruff formerly of St. Joseph

March 17 Issue

Jimmie D. Mullins of Watervliet; Ronald A. Dolezan of Stevensville; Jon P. Wutzke of Coloma; Linda J. Steinhaus of Watervliet; Eleanor E. Dodd formerly of Keeler

March 24 Issue

Sharon Swetay of Coloma; Alan D. Prillwitz of Berrien Springs; Lorene Bravo of Lawrence; Joseph C. Sage of Watervliet

March 31 Issue

Donald L. Fryling of Noblesville, IN; Mary A. Birmele of Hartford; Richard F. Harrison Jr. of Coloma; John G. Oakley of Coloma; Carmella D. McPherson of Coloma; Helen Polashak of Watervliet; James K. Warren of Bridgman; Beverly A. Wesaw of Coloma; Frances M. Mellenthin of La Porte, IN; Richard M. Long of Coloma; Larry J. Ripley of Co­loma

April 7 Issue

Stephen J. Myotte of Watervliet; Donald O. Swartzlander formerly of Watervliet; Frederick Munchow of Coloma; Rosalie A. Becht of Coloma; Kenneth M. Schultz of Coloma; Ray Garner of Co­loma; Arlice R. Jewell of Benton Har­bor; Sarah Jo Wilson of Watervliet; Brandon E. Smith of Coloma; Richard L. Page of Watervliet

April 14 Issue

Thomas J. Gaborik of Hartford; James D. Doerr of Coloma; Patricia O’Donnell Gibson of Watervliet; Irene M. Patterson of Watervliet; Penny L. Wilcox of Hart­ford; Keith A. Brule of Benton Harbor; Robert Gendron of Hartford; William L. Cochran of Hartford

April 21 Issue

Ronnie Kinchen of Watervliet; Arlene A. Russell of Benton Harbor; Jerry L. Staggs Sr. of Hartford; Wayne R. Martin of Coloma; Michele J. Charleston of St. Joseph; Patricia A. Anderson of Berrien Springs; Ruth M. Frazier of Hartford

April 28 Issue

Betty Jean Zilke of Watervliet; Melinda L. Stibal of Coloma; Michael B. Walker of Coloma; Edwin E. Belfy formerly of Coloma; David W. Sanders of Coloma; Frances J. Bisnett of Dowagiac; Shirley A. Jackson of St. Joseph; Kathy L. McCrary of Coloma; Marjorie Urness of Benton Harbor

May 5 Issue

Barbara C. Calloway of Coloma; Nancy J. Greco formerly of Watervliet; Joseph A. Hassle Sr. of Dowagiac; John R. Russell of Benton Harbor; David A. Perry of Hartford; John E. Harkenrider formerly of Hartford; Carliss A. McNew of Coloma; Nicholas S. Carava III of Seymour, IN; Michael J. Starkey of Watervliet; Robert M. Moore of Hart­ford; Brenda Shafer of Hartford

May 12 Issue

John E. Coon of Watervliet; Oneida Cobb of Benton Twp.; Jasper Clouse Jr. of Decatur; Suzanne M. Gast of Watervliet; Rachel P. Perez of Hartford; M. Almeda Lovell formerly of Benton Twp.; Kristin L. Fuller of Covert Twp.; Hope M. Zeigler of Watervliet; Douglas L. Hanson of St. Joseph

May 19 Issue

Jeffrey M. Charleston of Watervliet; Forrest ‘’Nick’’ Jewell of St. Joseph; Ada B. Barton of Watervliet; Patrick W. Hoppe formerly of Coloma; Tracy L. Callahan of Keeler Twp.; Jonas “John” Sukys formerly of Coloma; Corey J. Smith of Lincoln Twp.; Emily Weisser of St. Joseph; Garry L. Warman of Men­tor, OH; Frank F. James of Hartford; Erma L. Freeman of St. Joseph; Peter J. Stromeyer of Hartford

May 26 Issue

Walter U. Nord of Coloma; Richard L. Kiekenapp of Coloma; Judy E. Novak of Stevensville; Roy F. Farmer of Coloma; Barbara A. Brant of Niles; Betty J. Biastock of Benton Harbor; Timothy K. Poe of Benton Harbor

June 2 Issue

Ronald McGath of Coloma; Chester Janose of Coloma; Michele J. Burmeister of Coloma; Harry E. Wins­low ·of New Carlisle, IN; Judith A. Smith of Watervliet; John Babor of Co­loma; Beverly J. Ruppel of St. Joseph; Evon E. Strzynski of St. Joseph; Stephen A. Wulff of Coloma

June 9 Issue

Lindsey Goodlow of Watervliet; Rita Lynch of Watervliet; Marjorie L. Wolfe of Hartford; Robert Perry of Coloma; John G. Hicks of Sodus Twp.

June 16 Issue

Florence Y. Heminger formerly of Hart­ford; Phillip A. Forestieri of Watervliet; Dennis R. Warren Sr. of St. Joseph; Phyllis M. Palmer formerly of Watervliet; Terrie L. Matthes of Coloma & Chicago; Donnie L. Tanner of Hart­ford; June K. Zanders previously of Riv­erside; Rose Ann Lausman of Lake Placid, FL

June 23 Issue

Mison Brookfield of Watervliet; John Chancellor of Coloma; Karen D. Wyatt formerly of Watervliet; Allan C. Blum of Hartford; Bessie M. Sinclair of Hart­ford; Manley “Bob” Walker of Hartford; Kenneth W. Meek of Watervliet; Jack W. Fish of Watervliet; Virginia C. Warsko of Watervliet; David E. Bahm of Bainbridge Twp.

June 30 Issue

Richard Garry Melvin of Bangor Twp.; Barbara J. Olds of Hartford; Mary E. Lawson of Coopersville, MI; Richard L. Roberts Jr. of Watervliet; Jill L. Accetta of Albuquerque, NM

July 7 Issue

Kathleen A. Rush of Berrien Springs; Earl C. Hansen of South Haven; Doris D. McCaig of Watervliet; Allen O. Johnson of Coloma

July 14 Issue

William A. Minshall of Hartford; Ken­neth L. Krauel of Benton Harbor; Marjo­rie Schaus of Coloma

July 21 Issue

Thomas L. Whitney of Coloma; James F. Hartmann of Watervliet; Lawrence “Andy” Watson of Coloma; Brooke N. Gargano of Benton Harbor; Jerry L. McGregor of Eau Claire; Kimberly G. Rye of Watervliet; Robert A. Harkey of Benton Harbor; Quinn Kerlin of Holland; Mary Jean Utter of Lawrence; Donald C. Blagg of Coloma; James C. Ray III of Benton Harbor; John R. Hall formerly of Coloma

July 28 Issue

Randy Craig of St. Joseph; Freddie E. Mitchell of Coloma; Robert C. Deam formerly of Watervliet; Kathy Peapples of Watervliet; Joel Morrow of Coloma; Roger W. Jordan Sr. of Bridgman; Julie A. Steinhaus of Coloma; Leonard J. Casario Jr. of Stevensville

August 4 Issue

Frances Young of Watervliet; Richard D. Buresh of Coloma, formerly of Brookfield, IL; Lester M. Burford of Watervliet; Lonnie E. Johnson of Hart­ford; Sara Muske of Watervliet; Daniel C. Edmonds of Hartford; Brenda K. Hinton-Feury of Coloma; Henry E. Thole of St. Joseph; Robert W. Skoda of Benton Harbor; Roseann Gagliardo

August 11 Issue

Donna Dell of Bainbridge Twp.; David A. Gustafson of St. Joseph; Charlotte C. Phillips of Watervliet; Leonard C. Scherrer Jr. of Watervliet; Timothy L. Flagel of Sister Lakes; Rose M. Prentice of Coloma; Derek A. Nestich of Sister Lakes

August 18 Issue

Eleanor M. Klug of Coloma; Angela J. Arent-Seabury of Coloma; Charles Shoemaker of Watervliet; Naomi Smith of Coloma; James Denson of Berrien Springs; Bobbie Seiber of Benton Har­bor; Don G. Blackmond of Dowagiac; Lillian E. Stone of Watervliet; Michael R. Hanika, formerly of Coloma

August 25 Issue

Chad Cobb of Watervliet; Gwendolyn Shafer of Hartford; Carla Glowacki of Hartford; Mary & Robert Bayman of Watervliet; Thomas Crandall of Bangor; James Burnside of Coloma; Susan Wieser of Watervliet; Amelia Retz of St. Joseph; Christine Baham of Covert; Kathleen Callahan of Coloma

September 1 Issue

Lucius A. King of Watervliet; Mary Phyllis Yates of Coloma; Carole A. Buyze; Kimberly E. Wicks of Dowa­giac; Pamela K. Trudell of Paw Paw

September 8 Issue

Jimmy W. Liles of Watervliet; Peggy J. Winans of Harford; Walter· M. Sewcyck of Coloma; Antonette Wood of Coloma

September 15 Issue

Donald E. Winans of Hartford; Fannie Hawkins of Hagar Twp.; Boone N. Mar­tin of Mentone, IL

September 22 Issue

Craig E. VanDerveer of Coloma; Philip Preston, formerly of Benton Harbor

September 29 Issue

William J. Porter of Coloma; Judith Jordan of Hartford; Becky Ann (Mul­lins) Rose of Coloma; Gail L. Postelli of Coloma; Donna M. Gage of Coloma; Daniel Querfurth of Lawton; Keith D. Tillman of Benton Harbor; Trisha L. Kraiger of Paw Paw; Beatrice Pratl for­merly of Stevensville; Barbara L. Wieser of Watervliet; Sharon S. Fuller of Hartford

October 6 Issue

Mary E. Weir of Hagar Twp.; Willis A. Bouma of Watervliet; Carl E. Boyer of Riverside; Judith A. Andres of Coloma; Jimmy Ray Green of Hartford; Blanchie E. Whitaker of Coloma; Gary D. Hall of Coloma; Ramiro “Paso” Pena of Coloma

October 13 Issue

Joseph M. Williams of Hartford; James D. Fuller of Hartford; Diana L. Bowden of St. Joseph; Daniel Fillmore of Lincoln Twp.; Ramon D. Douglas of River­side; Dona Wolske of St. Joseph; Gene Rennhack of Coloma; Thomas “Pete” Morgan of Stevensville; Richard L. Graham of Sister Lakes; Gregg K. Woodward of Coloma; Eduardo L. Encinas of Glenview, IL

October 20 Issue

James Danneffel of Watervliet; Charles Andrews of Watervliet; John Rutz of Watervliet; Thomas R. Spangler Sr. of Watervliet Twp.; Elizabeth J. Antes of Decatur; Shawn Palma formerly of Watervliet; Donald G. Ervin formerly of St. Joseph

October 27 Issue

Dorothy N. Jinkins of St. Joseph; Larry Crawford Sr. of Watervliet; Teresa D. Antio of Benton Harbor

November 3 Issue

Ruth Ann Millhouse of Coloma; Johanna “Jenny” Schmuhl of Benton Harbor; Alice F. Murdock of St. Joseph

November 10 Issue

Susan L. Openneer of Watervliet; Edith Munchow of Coloma; Kenneth A. Wil­son Sr. of Hartford; Deborah L. Dudeck of LaPorte, IN; Susan Janke of St. Jo­seph; Hewie H. Coburn of Coloma

November 17 Issue

Richard D. Harris of Benton Harbor; Norma L. Wright of Sister Lakes; Dolores Ann Brunke of Stevensville; Denis L. Shindeldecker of Benton Har­bor; Joann Shane of Benton Harbor; Jerald A. Corwin of Niles; Louis A. DiGregoria of Stevensville; Neal Moran of Watervliet

November 24 Issue

Dixie L. Hauht formerly of Coloma; Greg A. Koroch; Janet C. Pudell of St. Joseph; Donald R. Isbrecht of Sodus; Elaine Johnson of Sister Lakes; Kary Hall of St. Joseph

December 1 Issue

Michael Diebold of Holland, MI; Donavie Sipla of Coloma; Carolyn “Jill” Davis of Coloma; Jean Fannin of Benton Harbor; Ernest L. Goodson of Hartford; Donna Marschke of Berrien Springs; Herta G. Schmileke of Benton Harbor; Judith E. Kane of St. Joseph

December 8 Issue

Linda Deloris (Carr) Haase of Watervliet; Ross William Burger of Benton Harbor; Verlo “Sally” (Carter) Williams of Coloma; Frank Megna Jr. of Watervliet; Deborah G. Bedwell of Hartford; Joan Borrelli Stewart of St. Joseph; Gonzalo V. Horta of Hartford

December 15 Issue

Kim C. (Jackson) Wolf of Watervliet; Beverly A. Willming of Coloma; Mary Ann Baiers of Watervliet; Kenneth E. Daugherty Jr. of Benton Harbor; Robert E. Claude of Hagar Twp.

December 22 Issue

Weldon Jon Bisnett of Hartford; Karen J. Demis of Coloma; William “Butch” Hansen of Coloma; Lula M. Kovach of Stevensville; Jeannine F. Ratter of Co­loma; Claude R. Higginbottom Jr. of Coloma

December 29 Issue

Thomas Wesaw of Hartford; Richard “Sonny” Hiler of Bainbridge Twp.; Joyce D. Gilpin of Dowagiac; Robert L. Zerbe of Watervliet; Todd D. Sipla of Coloma; Nancy L. Williams of Coloma; Robert “Dale” Detwiler of Eau Claire


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