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Remembering our dearly departed of 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE: Now that all of the celebration of the New Year is over please take a few minutes to recall all of our relatives, friends and neighbors who died in 2023.

The following are the names of those whose obituaries and death notices appeared in the Tri-City Record issues of 2023.

January 5 Issue

Mildred “Millie” Little Sexton of Coloma; Amy A. Seager of Watervliet; Lenwood Henry Jr. of South Haven; Julia T. LaSata of Niles; Eric J. Jackson of St. Joseph

January 12 Issue

Marla L. Owca of Coloma; Herbert R. Hunn Jr. of Coloma; Sharon J. Nykamp of Watervliet; Maria L. Bittner of Coloma; Margaret Hupp Umphrey of Beverly Hills, MI; Evelyn M. Adams of Hartford; Daniel J. Rigoni of Van Buren County; Janet Pokagon of Hartford; Tammy Hultgren of Stevensville; Abel Apreza Jr. of Berrien Springs; Kenneth “Dale” Bragg of Benton Harbor; Jay Alan Hewitt formerly of Coloma

January 19 Issue

Hildegard T. Molter of Coloma; Larry W. Anchor of Hartford; Suzanne Kay Knutson formerly of Watervliet; Gregory B. Schaner of Watervliet; Irene Leach of Hartford; Lewis E. Pritchard of Hartford; Marcia L. Wagner of Berrien Springs; Lawrence J. Chabitch of Coloma; John C.B. McDonald, D.C. of Bainbridge Twp.; Evelyn M. Adams of Hartford; Robert F. Troike II of Hartford

January 26 Issue

Dlorah Hassett of Watervliet; June “AJ” Strunk of Hagar Twp.; Wesley D. Schreiber formerly of Coloma; Ann M. Kreitner of Coloma; Alma L. Janney of Hagar Twp.; Diane Haney of Lawrence; Beatrice G. Carpenter of Charlestown, IN; Lewis E. Pritchard of Hartford; William Vollrath formerly of Coloma

February 2 Issue

Nancy M. McKim formerly of Hartford; Charles M. Russell of Covert; Frederick W. Kavanagh Jr. of Watervliet; David M. Rawson of Lebanon, TN

February 9 Issue

Carol J. Lovell of Coloma; Sandra K. Schlieter of Hartford; Richard Rickers of Bangor; Richard Rose of Watervliet; Robert J. Wendzel formerly of Hartford; Carolyn A. Davis of Coloma; Georgia A. Sikich of Benton Harbor

February 16 Issue

Dorothy Jackson of Watervliet; Gloria L. Yore of Coloma; Devan A. Erwin of Watervliet; Willow Krueger of Watervliet; Billy Jean Little of Hartford

February 23 Issue

Stephen A. Dibble of Bainbridge Twp.; Patricia L. Huff of Benton Twp.; Ida M. Richter formerly of Coloma; Maryann Fisher of Coloma; Marjory “Jane” Flood Johnson of Marysville, WA

March 2 Issue

Margaret Dickinson of Coloma

March 9 Issue

Laura M. Meagher of Watervliet; Roger Morse of Keeler Township; Ida M. Richter of Coloma; Loretta J. Bartalone of Benton Harbor; Dorothy Z. Koshar of St. Joseph; Margaret Eichwedel Dickinson formerly of Coloma

March 16 Issue

Donald R. Krause Sr. of Coloma; Rose Hauch of Coloma; Elvira M. Rush formerly of Hartford; Ruth Ann Millhouse of Coloma; Steve Valdes of Coloma; Alan L. DeFries of Stevensville

March 23 Issue

Shirley I. Berg of St. Joseph; Valeri Garland of Watervliet; Reinholt “Bud” Herman of Coloma; Mary Herman of Coloma; Joan J. Bell of Riverside; JoAnn Tabor formerly of Coloma; Richard L. Hildebrand II of Coloma

March 30 Issue

Brian A. Wright of Hartford; Anthony D. Naughton of Watervliet; Henry C. Atchley of Watervliet; Donald G. Kenney of Coloma; Kathy Goetz of Coloma; James E. Price formerly of Coloma; Peggy Ann Ball of St. Joseph

April 6 Issue

F. Joseph Flaugh Jr. of Coloma; Mary Ellen Fender of Naperville IL; Jeffrey L. Joseph of Coloma; Jerry B. Stark of Sister Lakes; Donald G. Kenney of Coloma; William Prince of Hartford; Helen Mae Thomsen of Coloma; Evelyn M. Altherr of Benton Harbor; Wilma L. Appel of Benton Twp.

April 13 Issue

Kenneth L. Briley Jr. of Hartford; Norma J. Somers of Coloma; Raymond Garlanger of Coloma; John L. Wallace of Riverside; Dianna M. Valenti-Clemons of Hartford; Joseph A. Genovese of Benton Twp.

April 20 Issue

Lillian A. Faris of St. Joseph; Betty J. Molter of Decatur; Rhianon E. Wesaw of Coloma; Darlene Matlock of Coloma; Paul D. Hendricks of Riverside; Edward J. Conrad of Coloma; John L. Wallace of Hagar Twp.; William Gast formerly of St. Joseph; John W. Murphy of Three Rivers

April 27 Issue

Virginia “Ginny” Hamilton of Watervliet; Lavina M. Messal formerly of Watervliet; Ed Kovar of Bridgman; Mary E. Meachum formerly of Lawrence; Janet J. Ridgeway of Stevensville; Edmund L. Schmalfeldt of Hartford; William G. Lindley of Hartford; Chris M. Robinson Sr. of Watervliet

May 4 Issue

William “Bill” Williams of Watervliet; Joan Bujack of Watervliet; Edward A. Johnson Sr. of Coloma; Bruce Schadler of Stevensville; Don Nupp of St. Joseph

May 11 Issue

Jerry Jean Cowgill of Coloma; Lavern A. Faulkner of Watervliet; Henrietta Frazier formerly of Watervliet; Henrietta E. de la Foret; Timothy Kasun of Eau Claire; Ronnie Scott of Benton Harbor; Gail W. Strode of Benton Harbor; Robert A. Nick of Clinton, IA

May 18 Issue

Patricia Valenti of Coloma; Thomas D. Jordan of Coloma; Jerry W. Boomer of St. Joseph; Sandra A. Evans of Hartford; Mario F. Raucci of Coloma; Otis “Bud” Wheeler Jr. of Sodus; Janice A. Dellarusso of Coloma; Grady Watson of Coloma; Jerry D. Wycoff; Ronald H. Medema of Coloma; Eunice M. Tiffert; Eula B. Henderson of Benton Harbor

May 25 Issue

Jean Stainbrook of Coloma; Allen Ott of Benton Harbor; Patsy L. Siriano formerly of Riverside; Nancy C. Judkins of Stevensville

June 1 Issue

Bob Leo Miller of Hartford; Richard W. Fox of Watervliet; Teresa Ray of Coloma; Bob L. Miller formerly of Watervliet; Tina Simmons formerly of Coloma; Roberta Rankin of St. Joseph; Donna Barton of Watervliet

June 8 Issue

Andrew L. Chambers of South Haven; Steven Fulton of Coloma; Leonard M. Aviles of Coloma; William G. Selvidge Jr. of Coloma; Linda J. Marler of Coloma

June 15 Issue

Kevin J. Waldrop of Hartford; Doris M. Kibler of Coloma; Peggy Jo Little of Hartford; Douglas J. Musick of Coloma

June 22 Issue

David Backus of Watervliet; Dixie L. Johnson of Coloma; James C. Berry Jr. of Hartford; Shirley A. Martin of Watervliet; Virginia L. Black of Hartford; James R. Wilson of Lawrence; Ralf I. Kleinschmidt of Watervliet; Mark G. Wilson of Coloma

June 29 Issue

Lincoln Whitney of Watervliet; Cora Igert of Watervliet; Kenneth L. Lindemann of Watervliet; Betty J. Rockwell formerly of Coloma; Paul A. Wilkes of Coloma; Rose S. Hoag of South Haven; Brian J. Peterson of Bangor; Justine “Chris” Valenti formerly of Coloma; Deloris J. Wesaw of Coloma; Karyn Walker of Kalamazoo

July 6 issue

Jose Luis Linares of Hartford; Ashley B. Richcreek of Watervliet; C. L. Collins of Coloma; Kristofer L. Clayton of Bangor; Ronald G. Moser of Hartford Twp.

July 13 issue

Guy W. Cobb of Coloma; Billie D. Ryan of Coloma; Donald E. Harte of Hartford; Jeannine A. Eisenman

July 20 issue

Paula A. Pool of Coloma; Kenneth L. Wendzel of Bainbridge Twp.; Beverly M. Hoadley, formerly of the Tri-Cities; Denise Ginani of Coloma; Rhonda L. Dent of Stevensville; Eric S. Kreitner Sr. of Benton Harbor; JoAnn Marsala, formerly of Riverside

July 27 issue

Vince Pratt of Coloma; Barbara B. Coburn–Whitaker of Coloma; George W. Russell of St. Joseph; Stanley L. Shafer of Benton Twp.; Charles E. Hadley of Hartford; Brian J. Peterson of Watervliet; Beverly J. Knapp of Coloma; Michael S. Warren of Coloma; Freda May Haskins of Coloma; Ginger Morgan of Benton Harbor; Cindy L. Birmele of Hartford; Terry L. Barricklow of St. Joseph; Cynthia A. Williams of Romeoville, IL

August 3 issue

Jayne Metz of Coloma; Jason A. Phillips of Hartford; Addonia “Dian” Mahar of Berrien Center; Raymond S. Ashcraft formerly of Watervliet; Ronnie Fill Burleson of Hartford; Linda Derbas of Galien

August 10 issue

Kathleen Phillipi of Coloma; Andrea M. Sipla of Coloma; Lela M. Taylor, formerly of Benton Harbor; Jeffrey A. Mack formerly of Hartford; Susan Carlson of Coloma

August 17 issue

Donald G. Peek of Niles, formerly Lawrence; Cathy D. Kinchen of Hartford; Jack D. Durham, formerly of Coloma; Roger L. Trumps of Bangor; Donna M. Vergot of Stevensville

August 24 issue

Elma VanLoon Doty of Coloma; Earl Joiner of Coloma; Ronald B. Calhoun of Watervliet; John F. Wheeler Jr. of Bainbridge Twp.; Nancy L. Gousetis of St. Joseph

August 31 issue

Donald E. Byrd of Coloma; Dana Matthew Durham of Coloma; Rita L. Johnson of Covert Twp.; Juanita M. Petty of Hartford; Donald Milham of Watervliet; Ronald J. Jacobs of Sister Lakes; Donald P. Graham of Decatur; Santiago “Papi” Moreno Jr.

September 7 issue

Kenneth A. Evett of Benton Harbor; Nicholas R. Stevens of Watervliet; Thomas M. Collins of Benton Harbor; Matthew A. Oliver of Sodus

September 14 issue

James H. Smith of Bangor; Corrine B. Edgin of Benton Harbor; Travis S. Nelson of Millburg

September 21 issue

James “Ed” Chandler of Watervliet; Judith A. Hill formerly from Coloma; Lonnie K. Nutting formerly of Bangor; Keith W. Hammond of Coloma

September 28 issue

Robin L. Thompson of Benton Harbor; Cathy Miller Thieneman of St. Joseph

October 5 issue

Margaret A. Rogel formerly of Watervliet; Regenia M. Richmond of Benton Twp.; Stephanie “Cis” Hiler formerly of Coloma; Rick LoPresti of Coloma; Ruth Coburn of Coloma; Michael R. Post of St. Joseph; Phillip Flener of Hudsonville, MI; Patricia R. Ryder formerly of Hartford; Morris M. Bledsoe Sr. of Coloma; Richard E. Wheaton of Benton Harbor

October 12 issue

Robert Fredericks Sr. of Benton Twp.; John H. Matthews of South Haven; Richard Mak of St. Joseph; Jack L. Sperbeck of St. Joseph; Richard N. Drane Sr. of Hartford; Cary Van De Wiele of Hartford; Karla Jean Urtup of Sister Lakes; Jessie L. Howell of Watervliet; Debra Lynn Zellner

October 19 issue

Karen S. Henry of Wayland, MI; Frank A. Nemethy of Coloma; Alton L. Dancer of Watervliet; Carol M. Sackett of Watervliet; Susan J. Smith of Hartford; Irene Emery of Hartford

October 26 issue

Mark A. Wigent of Bainbridge Twp.; Robert K. Ott of Manhattan, KS; Jeffery D. Conner of Hartford; Robert F. Troike of Hartford; Rigoberto Calvillo Diaz of Hartford; Sheila L. Kuball of Coloma

November 2 issue

Sharon L. Carney of Coloma; Cecily E. Franklin of Watervliet; Delbert Morris of Coloma; Susan G. Stoes of Benton Harbor; Ollie Lue Robinson of Benton Harbor

November 9 issue

Donna Mack of Coloma; Douglas D. Healy of Homosassa FL, formerly of Watervliet; Cecily E. Franklin of Watervliet; Eileen Rauner of Bainbridge Twp.; Juanita A. (Dziubinski, Hogmire, Smolinski) Ranger

November 16 issue

Dennis D. Bachman of Coloma; Douglas D. Healy formerly of Watervliet; Carl Kraklau of Watervliet; Carolyn L. Corteville of Benton Harbor; Alice E. Mann formerly of Benton Harbor

November 23 issue

Sharon A. Books of Coloma; Tamara J. Mendoza of Hartford

November 30 issue

Michael G. Schultz of Benton Harbor; Joann Arent Langeland formerly of Coloma; Jesse Scruggs of Coloma; Corinne King of Coloma; Margaret I. Baker of Riverside; Tuney R. Edge of Coloma

December 7 issue

Jimmy R. Middleton of Bainbridge Twp.; Robert Becker of Watervliet; Brian R. Bailey of St. Joseph; Jessica R. McDonald of Hartford; Felipe Gomez Ortega of Hartford; Kim M. O’Brien of Coloma; Michael W. Klintworth of Lake Wales, FL; Victoria A. Garland formerly of Coloma

December 14 issue

Ann L. Wade; Bennett M. Mills of Coloma; Robert L. McCall of Benton Harbor; Marifrances Styers

December 21 issue

Bonnie Johnson of Coloma; Alva I. Doan of Benton Twp.; Harold L. Harte of Hartford; Lewis W. Schubering of Coloma; Charles “Bud” W. Flowers of Decatur; George R. Becker of Coloma;

December 28 issue

Evelyn J. Spies of Benton Harbor; Freda B. Marks of Berrien Springs; Dale D. Leonard of Hartford; Douglas B. Smith of Bangor; Herbert O. Smikle of St. Joseph; Barbara D. Denton of Coloma; Bobby Rogers of Coloma; John A. Flood of St. Joseph; James L. Scherer of Bloomingdale


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