07-23-2020 Letters and Commentary

His last career may well have been his favorite!

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the marvelous send-off you’ve given our father, Bud (Roy) Davis! For Dad and his Chief Accountant this corner of Michigan was home, where they had both grown up and to which they returned when Dad retired. They thoroughly enjoyed the more than three decades they were granted back here among family and friends.

Those retirement decades also gave Bud the opportunity to write his column, The Paw Paw River Journal, for the Tri-City Record, and his last career may well have been his favorite! He loved working with all of you at The Record and considered you family. He valued the feedback from his readers, and he lived for the new stories inspired by the people he encountered. Local history, current world news, all of it became fodder for his column and he had years of fun writing it.

Yes, there were a couple of stories Bud started or actually completed that could be considered “doozies,” and in each case his Chief Accountant suggested he might set it aside for further consideration. They never made it into print. And no, he never minded the weekly deadline.

Several times I asked Dad if he tired of homework every week, and he replied, “Absolutely not! A writer has to write!” He said from time to time his Writing Muse would appear and he’d crank out five or six columns in a very short period of time. He’d send in the batch of stories and take a break till the next appearance. Sometimes he wondered if his Muse had gone for good, especially after Mom died, but his inspiration returned, and he continued to write till he joined his Chief Accountant. His instructions to me were clear, “make sure you send in the last unpublished stories I wrote, especially my last column!”

Our family would like to thank you and your family, our family and friends, and Dad’s readers for all of the support, love, cards, donations, and memorials we’ve received in recent weeks. What a wonderful tribute in time of quarantine; may you all stay well!

Rebecca Steele and the Davis Family

Join me in electing Lora Gnodtke Freehling, for Register of Deeds


I will be voting for Lora Gnodtke Freehling on August 4 for Berrien County Register of Deeds and I urge you to do the same.

Lora became the Register of Deeds in October of 2018 and under Lora’s leadership the transition was seamless. The high quality of service, the level of attention given to each patron, and the accuracy and timeliness of document recordings never wavered.

I have known Lora for a number of years. I know she has the experience and dedication to continue to excel as Berrien County’s Register of Deeds. I know she is dedicated to helping others. I know she is dependable. I know she will do what is right for the residents of Berrien County. And as an elected official, I appreciate her open-door policy and her ability to collaborate with other county departments.

Join me in electing Lora Gnodtke Freehling, for Register of Deeds, in the August 4 Republican primary election.

  1. Paul Bailey Berrien County Sheriff

Take election reform and ethics to Lansing; stay in your lane will voting

Dear Editor,

There are lots of choices in the primary: – two republicans for Congress – two democrats for Congress – two republicans for State Rep. 79th District – two republicans for Treasurer – two republicans for Register of Deeds – mix of county commissioners and municipal leaders, depending the district.

Voters ‘stay in your lane’ while voting in the primary. Do not cross party lines on your ballot.

Michigan Bureau of Elections explains it like this: If you vote for candidates on both sides of the ballot no votes for a candidate on either side of the ballot will count. Because of proposals which are also on the ballot, your ballot would not be spoiled. Your vote for the proposals will still count. But none of your candidate votes will count for either party.

This is a critical point about Michigan’s primary election system. As state representative I want to continue making voting easier for residents and less hassle for municipalities. I also want to reform campaign finance laws.

As a potential member of the Ethics and Elections Committee and Oversight Committee I want to limit SuperPAC candidate contributions, increase lobby firm transparency, and cap campaign spending.

We know that money in politics is the source of government corruption. It’s time to call it out. I will be pleased to apply my knowledge of the legislative process, political experience, collaborative approach, and real-life world view