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Getting unstuck

Enjoying life involves more than just material “stuff” we can accumulate; we’ve learned that we need more than just money, more than just what money can buy. We need cause, and calling, and connection with others. A job helps us pay bills, but a job can’t provide purpose. Good work practices can establish job security. But job security can’t provide the peace we long for. Good work practices build self-esteem. But self-esteem can’t erase the inescapable guilt weighing us down like an 80-pound concrete block tied to our back, stealing our energy.

Is there hope for our situation? Not if something doesn’t change. Coming to an end of our own temporary, futile solutions may be a good thing if it opens doors for real-life solutions. We finally admit that we need more than a job, more than money, more than a reputation, to provide any true meaning. We kind of need a whole internal renovation, a renewal of our souls at the soul level. That doesn’t mean working isn’t important. It is important, both for meeting our own financial needs, and for meeting needs of others as well. Work gives opportunity for learning and foundation for future success.

But if we’ve found no cure for the emptiness, then now’s the time to search for better answers in new places.

If you discovered that God really loves you, and that you can love God back, would that make a difference? If you could have a cause and a calling that reconnects you to the core, would that make a difference? If you could have release from the guilt and find power to change, would that make a difference?

God does love you; you can love Him back. You can have a new cause and calling. You can have forgiveness.

Get unstuck. Finally come to Jesus and live. Discover how.

On the web:,,, or 1-800-NEED HIM.


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