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March is Reading Month

Reading is an absolutely fundamental building block for the student success and, every year, we recognize “March is Reading Month” to highlight the importance of literacy and language skills. Our students are our future, and it is incredibly important that we take time to recognize the significance that skills such as reading play in their education. Even after March is over, it is our responsibility as legislators to look toward the future and continue working to make Michigan an even greater state for families to raise their children.

Over the past decade, we have made tremendous investments into our schools to better prepare our next generation to be productive members of society. Every student is different, and our priorities have helped provide options for students regardless of where they choose to go to school—public, private, charter, or otherwise. Likewise, we have continued to work at improving access to skilled-trades education and alternatives for students who might not choose to go to college or may wish to go straight into the workforce. I will continue prioritizing policies to help ensure that every student has a chance to succeed, that every teacher has the resources to do their job well, and that every parent is empowered to play a significant role in their child’s education.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the legislature or state government, please do not hesitate to contact my office by going to You may also reach out toll-free by calling (855) 347-8020. My staff would be happy to assist with issues you may be having with state government agencies, and I look forward to listening and learning about your priorities and concerns for our state.


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