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Safer, healthier, and more prosperous communities

In only a few short months, Gov. Whitmer and the new Democratic majority have recklessly wasted a historic budget surplus and passed laws that threaten to drive our economy back into the same ditch it was stuck in during the Granholm administration. We need a plan to get Michigan back on track. So, Senate Republicans have developed a “Roadmap for a Better Michigan.” This is our plan to improve the lives of every Michigander, keep our economy strong, and avoid returning to the “Lost Decade.”

 The second part of our plan focuses on safer, healthier communities. This means prioritizing funding for law enforcement and allowing them to keep our communities safe. Violent offenders should not be walking free due to inadequate jail capacities or “soft-on-crime” prosecutors with their own agendas. Proactively, we must also look toward fixing Michigan’s broken mental health care system to help those struggling get the treatment they need. This also means working to expand and improve access to healthcare regardless of zip code. 

 Along with promoting public safety and health, we need to be responsible stewards of our environment and resources. Michigan has a long history of agriculture and farming. Our farmers help provide quality goods and produce for millions of Americans, and we must let them do their jobs responsibly. They know how to be good stewards of our resources and our policies should reflect this. Rather than issuing extreme environmental mandates that threaten our family farms and our food supply, we ought to promote responsible and commonsense agricultural practices that allow farmers to continue feeding our nation while protecting our natural resources—without crippling the economy. 

 Should you have any questions or concerns about the legislature or state government, please do not hesitate to contact my office by going to You may also reach out by calling (517) 373-0793 or by email at My staff would be happy to assist with issues you may be having with state government agencies, and I look forward to listening and learning about your priorities and concerns for our state.


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